Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Card Alternatives

We're back again with another Holiday idea for you to try . . .

We know that many, many of you enjoy creating & sending your own cards for the Christmas season.

This year, why not put a different spin on those hand-crafted greetings!
Send out "Holiday Postcards" instead!

Now these will be a little bit more time consuming but they are Oh-So-Cute!
Whoever receives these will surely remember them for years to come . . .and what a surprise to find in the mailbox!

We made ours a 5x7 size, but any standard letter size will work . . . just remember to add a little extra postage!

You'll need just a few basic ingredients for these:
Assorted Holiday Papers
Ink Pad
Stickers, Rub~ons, Stamps, Photos, etc.
Mod Podge
Cut your chipboard to your desired size and adhere (with ModPodge) your chosen papers.

Remember to ink the edges to cover the raw chipboard & give it a bit of a distressed look.

After that, the sky's the limit!
embellish with more paper, stickers, photos . . . . whatever you'd like.

Stamp or print out your sentiment, sign your card and address it.

Your last step will be to give it another all-over coat of ModPodge to seal all of the edges to keep them from coming up.

Super simple and really cute . . . . Have fun with this one!