Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We got Tagged!

Yesterday, I got "tagged" by Amanda and played along on my own personal blog. Part of the game is to "tag" others. Well, I tagged Sandy. . . She in turn, tagged The Shoppe.
You can go to each of our links to see what we've posted!

So here is the deal . . . We need to post the 5th photo from the 5th folder from our files on our computer. Then we need to "tag" 5 others to play along . . . .

Well, (just like at home) my files & folders are not in any kind of order that make any kind of sense. At least not to normal people.

So, this is what you guys are ending up with . . .

Now, I wish I could tell you that we're making strawberry daquiries or margaritas, but alas, that is not the case . . . (Big *Sigh*)

I can't really explain to you what it is right now . . . you'll find that out shortly . . . so watch your email for this one!

So now it's time for us to "tag" 5 others . . . .
Since this is the store's blog & we have many, many readers, we can't single out just a few.
We're gonna open it up to EVERYONE!

If you wanna play, post the rules above from this run on your blog. Let's see what our favorite people come up with!

Just remember to email those you've chosen to let them know that they've been tagged!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calendar Desk Set

Here's a calendar project that we came across in our blogging travels.

We thought it was so cute and so easy that we'd make one of our own & share it with all of our readers!

All you need for this is one of those inexpensive clear, acrylic double frames that's V-shaped and a few supplies.

Start by cutting a decorative paper the entire size of the frame . . . we used a double 5x7 frame for ours.

Add your favorite photo and any embellishments directly to the paper ( so it will be protected under the frame) . . . Slide that all into the frame.
(We used Cricuts Graphhically Speaking cart for the Sweet Girl Tag)

On the outside of the frame, we glued down a clip which holds our calendar, some ribbon, and the post-it note pad.

We also decorated a glitzed-up pen to match our desk set.

You can easily make these by wrapping some Terrifically Tacky Tape around a regular ink pen. Then dip it all into some tiny seed beads. Lastly, sprinkle the entire pen with some ultra-fine glitter - this will fill in any gaps where there are no beads.

Make one for yourself or as a nice surprise for a co-worker, teacher, or secret sister!

Here it is again . . .

Have fun with this cute project . . . TaTa till next time!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our 1st Blog Challenge

Yep . . .that's right. We're going to jump into this blogging world by challenging everyone who visits us here with a personal challenge . . . one that you can use for your "All About Me" books!

Today we celebrate the 1st Day of Spring!
Our days are now longer & warmer . . . greener & sunnier . . . less dreary & definitely more happy!

So our challenge to you all is to scrap a page for yourself . . . a "Feel~Good" kind of page. . . .and this is your theme: "5 Things that make You Happy about Spring"
It's a great chance to scrap the everyday kind of little things in your life . . . things YOU love!

We're also gonna share a great sketch that would be perfect for this theme . . . Use it if you'd like or choose one of your own.

We found this sketch over here at Moma's Blog . . . . her sketches are all beautifully done in color, as well as great detailing!

And . . .to give you a little inspiration to get going, the Shoppe Girls
have all listed their most favorite things about Spring.

So go visit their blogs to see what makes them happy!

Sandy, Shelley, Amanda, & Me.

Have fun with this everyone & Happy Spring!

If you email me your page, we'll try to post as many as we can: thescrapbook@bellsouth.net

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Q & E

Yep . . . It's another Quick ~n~ Easy Project to share with you guys today!

Remember the Valentine's Baskets we showed you how to create simply with 2 ovals?
Well , these little purse cuties are even EASIER!

All you need is a scallopped circle and some ribbon for these little Purse Favours.

Simply make 2 score lines about 3/4" apart in the center of your circle so your purse will sit nicely.

**NOTE**(Our circles are 4", but you can easily make them any size you'd like . . . just adjust how far apart you make your score lines)

I always use a stylus and the groove in my paper trimmer for a perfect, straight, crisp line every time. (Gosh, my fingers look chubby in that photo!)

After that, punch 4 tiny holes & thread your ribbon thru for the handles and add an embellishment or two. Can't get any easier!

Fill them with little sweets or trinkets to surprise your kids, a teacher, the bus-driver . . .anyone who deserves a little "ThankYou for being You" kind of gift.

Or they'd look great as place cards for bridal or baby showers!

Here are a few that we made here at The Shoppe . . . . Enjoy!

LOVE * LOVE * LOVE the pearl handles on this one!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A New Sketch Challenge

Hello Bloggers!

Today we'll be sharing Amanda's newest sketch for our monthly contest here at The Shoppe.

Hopefully you will find it useful for those times when Scrapper's Block hits. Sometimes it's nice to have most of the thinking done for you!

Amanda also always makes her own page using the same sketch design as an example to help you out a little bit more. . . .Some people like to have that added visual to get them started.

So . . . here ya go . . . .Have fun!

While we're at it, we thought we'd share last month's Sketch along with the talented lady whose page was voted the winner. Maybe you'll find this one handy, too!

This is Ms. Betty's winning version of the February Sketch . . .If you look closely, you can see that she twisted the sketch one turn to be able to fit her chosen photos on correctly . . . .she's taking home a gift certificate for her work!

If you would like to see more of Amanda's work, you can find her here.
She is also a design team member for Graphic45 Paper and we are honored to have her be part of our shoppe, as well!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's on the Way!

Chick-a-dees . . .Flowers . . . and Eggs ~ WaaHoo!

Here is a Sneak Peek at some really, really adorable new Easter stuff from Studio 8 that is on it's way to The Shoppe as we speak!

Stay tuned . . . cuz I have plans for this cutie-patootie collection!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Latest Project

This is something that I've been toying with as a class project now for several weeks.
An Altered Clock . . .

I needed to give my "Secret Sister" a be-lated birthday gift so I decided to make one for her & see how easy it would be. After all, some of our class participants are still newbies so I didn't want to get into something really in depth. (And Yes~she figured out right away who gave it to her so that's why I can blabb it on here . . .she loved it!)

Of course, pink was my 1st choice of color and I've been having a great time with some of the new BoBunny papers, especially the stripes, so that's what I used for the base on this 1st altered clock:

Then I went on to make one for The Shoppe's wall, too:

The green swirly pieces on both clocks were cut with the Cricut machine and the StoryBook Cartridge and then dusted with a bit of lime green Stickles.

I wanted to add a butterfly to the second hand that ticks around at all times so it would appear to be flying, but ditzy me snapped it off! So he's just sitting on the hour hand now. . .still just as cute & sparkly!

So now I'm waiting for some new papers to get to The Shoppe and soon you'll be seeing this class on the calendar!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Bathroom Door People

Yep . . .that's what my husband calls the subject of today's post.

You've all seen these guys around . . .on doors, on road signs, painted in parking lots.

They're the simple silhouettes that can add just the right touch to your invitations, cards, & scrapbook pages.

If you've got a wonderful little Cricut machine, then you're in luck! You can cut these easy shapes out from the "Going Places" cartridge in a flash!

And the designers have come up with more than just the man & woman symbols . . . .
they've got families, prego ladies, playful children . . .

even dogs and cats . . .

Here are a couple layouts that I made with this cartridge:
This one is perfect for the little boy who's always on the go . . .

For our "Caboodle" page, I cut out the Man & Woman set three times in 2 different sizes for us and the kids:

And for this last one, I covered the people in clear micro beads for an added dimensional pop!

Now, don't worry if you can't find this cartridge anymore . . . you can rent out ours from The Shoppe ~ or you can always pick up a package of these cuties already cut for you!
Hope you find some inspiration in today's projects . . . some new style to add to your albums.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Apparently, we must be doing some good stuff on here, cuz we received another blog award!

Thanks go out to Stephanie L. for this one . . . it's fabulous!