Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calendar Desk Set

Here's a calendar project that we came across in our blogging travels.

We thought it was so cute and so easy that we'd make one of our own & share it with all of our readers!

All you need for this is one of those inexpensive clear, acrylic double frames that's V-shaped and a few supplies.

Start by cutting a decorative paper the entire size of the frame . . . we used a double 5x7 frame for ours.

Add your favorite photo and any embellishments directly to the paper ( so it will be protected under the frame) . . . Slide that all into the frame.
(We used Cricuts Graphhically Speaking cart for the Sweet Girl Tag)

On the outside of the frame, we glued down a clip which holds our calendar, some ribbon, and the post-it note pad.

We also decorated a glitzed-up pen to match our desk set.

You can easily make these by wrapping some Terrifically Tacky Tape around a regular ink pen. Then dip it all into some tiny seed beads. Lastly, sprinkle the entire pen with some ultra-fine glitter - this will fill in any gaps where there are no beads.

Make one for yourself or as a nice surprise for a co-worker, teacher, or secret sister!

Here it is again . . .

Have fun with this cute project . . . TaTa till next time!

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ANS said...

Very very cute! Is the calendar itself something you made? Or bought?