Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project 12 - Month #6

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend and got to spend it with the ones you love!

Did you take lots of pictures? If you did, then maybe this month's sketch challenge will come in really handy!

I wanted to feature another sketch that had room for lots of photos without being too busy.
So this is the one I chose....( picture it centered on a 12x12 background)
Pretty simple. Not too difficult. Or time consuming. Not alot of *junk* to distract from the photos.

Here's my version....

I chose to use just 1 main photo as my focal point.
Then I just graduated down the other companion pictures in size, using black & whites to cap off the edges.

I really do not like my titles at the bottoms of my layouts, so I just flipped the sketch upside down....pretty simple remedy.

So now.....get to work and show us what YOU come up with!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


S.O.S = Save Our Store!
Have you read your latest newsletter that we sent out on Tuesday?

The Shoppe is up for sale.

We had put it out last summer when we completed our business plan of 5 years and our lease was coming to an end. We had a few inquiries and a very interested party then. But our landlord needed a definite answer sooner than the sale could take place.

He offered us a super-fantastic lease in the suite next door and we decided to sign for another year.

Well, that year is coming to an end soon. We are not going to re-sign and keep going. We have other "avenues" that we are persuing, along with my spending more much-needed time at home with my family.

So the store's assets and the inventory is for sale to be snatched up by someone else who would like to keep it going here in Columbus. Or you may want to move somewhere else.

It would be a WONDERFUL opportunity for a retiree or a group of friends who could share the purchase & operating hours, thus keeping the costs down tremendously!

If you have dreamed of owning your own business like this, now would be the PERFECT opportunity! We are putting it out at a rediculously low price....starting from the ground up (like we did) would cost you 8 or 9 times what we are selling for!

We hope with all our heart that someone will step up and keep The Shoppe going so that Columbus does not lose this independent store....too many others have closed across the country lately and all the communities are left with are the chain stores. And we all know how helpful they are!

So talk to your husband, your kids, your friends and give us a call if you would be interested in keeping this scrapping store alive!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Sketch For You. . .

Hey Guys!

What an exhausting weekend!

We hosted our National Scrapbook Day activities a week early this year.
My own *Princess Cait* is getting married next weekend -won't she be beautiful? (that's NOT her real dress - she'd kill me if it was posted already!)

Anyway....What a weekend we had!

We had the opportunity to host classes sponsored by Fancy Pants, KI Memories, & The Robin's Nest taught by their designers! They even wore tiaras to our Princess Crop.

That's Charity from Fancy Pants & Gretchen from KI Memories with me (I was a Rock Princess). Click on their names to visit their blogs!

Make sure you check out our FaceBook page for pix ~ our croppers were all such good sports! We had a blast!

So now it's on to #5 in our own Project12....how have you been doing so far? Keeping up?

For this month's sketch, I chose to use one that featured room for a bunch of photos.

And to be able to get them all on without cropping away alot of the image, I printed them out in wallet size (that's a new thing for me - doing it more & more!) I also stretched the sketch to make it a 12x12.

Once again, I altered the chipboard letters ~ they weren't the right color.
So I painted them brown .....and hated it.

"Oh great!" I said to myself. "Now how am I gonna fix THAT?!"

Well, I pulled out my metallic creme rubons that I have had since the beginning of time and rubbed on some blues & greens over the paint. Now I am in love with those again!

And in case you're wondering what this crazy layout is all about, here is what I wrote on my journaling block:

**Oh Alex - where DO you get your photo ideas from?
I don't even ask anymore. I just say "OK" and away we go....
This time we climbed onto the roof of the store and jumped our hearts out!**

Crazy, loveable boy . . .
check him out here.

Have fun with this next sketch in our year-long series!
Post your own finished layout on our FaceBook page and label it as your Project12!
We wanna see what you did!