Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Valentine's Project

Yesterday we sent out a newsletter from The Shoppe highlighting some of the newest Valentine's products that arrived.

We also included a picture of a really cute Topiary Tree we found online.

Then one of those "Ah-Ha!" moments hit me ~ I had a vision!

So, to work I went . . . and here is our version of a Candy Topiary:

We started by punching green circles, along with red, pink, & white flowers. Curl all the edges around a pencil (or use your finger tips), then attach them to a styrofoam ball with glue and a stick pin.

Push a dowel rod into the ball and then into whatever container you choose. Make sure your dowel is thick enough to support the weight! (Ours has toppled a couple times already)

We added a little more shimmer to ours by brushing & dabbing on some irredescent glitter glue.
Then we hot-glued Hershey Kisses into the flower centers.

Add a tag with a sweet sentiment and you've got a sweet gift for a special person! We added a little heart to ours which we covered in Crackle Accents to give it a glimmer.

Make sure to create a hand-made card to give along with this Sweet Kisses Tree. This is one from Sandy's Valentine Card Class next weekend. Check it out here on her blog.

This would be a precious project to make along with your kids for their teachers this year. . . altho' they may eat just as many as they glue on!


Claudia said...

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your topiary tree - it's just gorgeous!!! I may have to copy this idea soon ;-)


ANS said...

Saw the topiary tree in the store and loved it!!