Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Halloween Treat

Here's another quick & super simple cute, cute Halloween treat idea!

And there are only a couple ingredients that you'll need . . . . here's the 1st one:

A simple piece of styrofoam . . .

and this is the other thing that I used . . . altho' not neccessary, but it makes it easy!

And here is your first peek at what I ended up with:

Here's the big picture . . . really cute & takes less than 10 minutes (plus glue-drying time)

Now keep in mind that you'll need to round off the corners of your styro piece & glue a grey piece of cardstock to the front. The ghostie goes on the back side.
And it's alot cuter when you add a little pen doodling and some googly eyes.

Then just poke in your favorite lollies and your finished!

Hope you enjoy todays little treat project!

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