Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Wraps

Hello Everyone!

We're finally back with another idea (altho' not original) for you for your handmade gift-giving this season.

Many of us love to bake & give holiday treats to those we love.
So instead of just handing them a bag of goodies, why not dress it up a little?

Today we're sharing our ideas on presenting those home-made breads we love to make.

These are super simple & quick to put together.
So if you own a sewing machine & can sew a straight line, you're in luck!

To begin all you need are a couple strips of co-ordinating papers.
We cut ours into a 3x12 inch strip and two 1inch strips.

Next we zig-zag stitched the 2 strips on each side of the wider piece . . .

After that, use your imagination!
For this pink one, we used a decorative border punch to finish off the sides before wrapping it around our Banana Bread.

Or try using a scallopped scissors . . .

And don't forget to add a cute tag and some frilly ribbons & bows!!

We hope this post inspires you to create some beautiful wraps of your own this year!

Watch this place for another Christmas idea soon!

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