Friday, May 28, 2010

Watery Good Stuff

First, I gotta apologize for so seriously ignoring this blog. Sorry.

But today I'm back and ready to share a product (or two) that you might not be familiar with.

They are: Paper Glaze, Crackle Accents, and Glossy Accents.

These all pretty much cause the same effect no matter which one you choose.
Paper Glaze & Glossy Accents will give you a clear thick finish.

While the Crackle Accents does just that . . . it crackles when it dries.

There's no special instructions to use them ~ just squeeze it where you want the highlights!

I love using them on anything water themed because the finish leaves your projects looking wet and shiny . . . just like it's fresh out of the water!

That makes them the perfect choice for all of your beach and pool pages. And don't forget about aquarium, bathtime, and blowing bubbles!

If you are registered for Heidi Kelley's Beach Pages Class here at The Shoppe in June, you might want to stop by & grab a bottle BEFORE class day. She'll be showing you how to re-create her gorgeous projects with them!

Here's another peek at something Heidi will being showing you in class!

So give one of these great products a try .. . I promise you'll love what you create!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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