Friday, July 1, 2011

Project12 - #7

The month of June just flew past and now it's July 1st already!'s time for the next sketch in our Project12 series.
Ready?This time, we chose something with a big 'ole circle in the design.
After all, most of our stuff is usually squared off cuz that's just the easiest thing to do.

So get out your circle cutters (or in my case, a big old bowl) and get to work!
Here's the sketch design for you to build off of:

I loved every single element on this one and the way it laid out, so I didn't change a thing.
Here's my take on it: (I used photos from one of my son's photoshoots ~ went perfectly with the paper I wanted to use! Make sure you check out his Flickr page HERE!)

I added a folded, Stickled flower up in the corner with a big button.

And, of course I glazed my title, love LOVE my Glossy Accents!

Now, take this fun sketch and run with it!
Show us what YOU can do!

And if you really like our version, you might like to join us for our Power Pages make-n-take at The Shoppe on July 16th....this is one of the pages you'll be creating!


The Costume Mistress said...

Loved the circular elements of this layout but wanted to add a vintage feel because of the photograph i wanted to use.....Hope you liked it!

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