Friday, February 27, 2009

Bad Blogger!

Yes . . . that's right. . . bad, bad, bad.

I know it's been W-A-Y too long between posts. Here are my sad, sorry excuses . . .
We've had LOTS of social-ness (is that a real word?) going on here at The Shoppe and it's been soooooooo much fun!

Valentine's Day here hosted 2 new group meetings. We began another CookBook Club with 16 ladies forming 3 different recipe swap groups.

They'll be scrapping their favorite recipes each month to exchange and the best part? They'll be bringing along their dishes for each other to taste-test!

Here's a peek at some pages from a similar group I was in in Kentucky . . . these make cooking so much more fun!

After that, more of us got together and we exchanged names for a Secret Scrappin' Sister Society.

No . . . we're not some creepy cult thing ~ just a bunch of scrap-lovin' girls! There are 18 of us in this group and we remember our sister secretly on brithdays, special occasions, or "just because" with little trinkets of scrapping goodness through-out the year.

We're planning a Secret Sister Tea Party at Christmas when we'll reveal ourselves to each other. So until then, we'll just be showering each other with unexpected gifts like these . . .

All right . . .my gift from "Edible Arrangements" doesn't really qualify as scrappin' but that's OK . . .it involves chocolate and chocolate is ALWAYS good!

OK . . .so if that wasn't enough to all get going, last weekend was our 3rd Annual 20 hour Pajama Crop! OH MY GOSH ! 30 pajama-clad ladies . . . WAY too much fun!

Super fun and crazy games . . .I tell ya, these ladies will do anything for a prize! Poor Amanda F. took a face-dive into the carpet and tore up her knee cuz she was determined to crown the
winner for her team!

Combine all the scrapping & fun stuff with TONS of yummylicious food (might I mention the chocolate fountain at 2am?) and I'm happy to report it was another successful crop!
So now that things are a little less hectic, maybe I can get back to putting some more projects on here. I've got some cute stuff to show you all!
TaTa for now!

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