Friday, November 7, 2008

Go Green . . .

We hear this phrase everywhere ~ from everyone and we really should do our part to help keep our world beautiful.
So, instead of just tossing out those empty cans, put them to good use!

Here's a couple storage ideas that we made from some soup cans . . . .Just cover them with some fun papers (make sure you use Glue Dots!) and add ribbon, flowers, buttons, rhinestones, etc.

How about surprising a favorite teacher with this for her desk? You know they ALWAYS need more pencils . . .


How about making one to store your make-up brushes in?
You can match it to your bathroom or vanity by using left-over wallpaper!

Have fun with this project idea and BE CREATIVE!

1 comment:

The Aldridge's said...

These would make great planters and if use a large can possibly a cool place to put Kitchen utensils and coordinated with kitchen. COOL IDEA!!!! I think I will give it a try!