Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick & Easy!

Today's project is a super-simple gift idea when you need something really quick (or just make one for yourself).
It uses minimal ingredients & can be done in about 20 minutes! Here's the recipe:

Our Home Mini Album
1 sheet 12x12 chipboard
2 sheets of your favorite 12x12 patterned paper
1/2 sheet of a co-ordinating solid color paper

Cut an 8x8 square from the bottom corner of the chipboard.

Measure & make a mark 6" up each side.
Find the center of the top & make a mark.
On each side, draw a line from the 6" mark to the top center mark.
Cut these triangles off . . .this is the back of the house.

From the reamining chipboard, cut a 4"x12" strip.
Cut this strip in 1/2 to get 2 pieces that are 6"x4"
These are the door flaps.

Cover these pieces with your papers, punch 2 holes on each side for the doors, & add your favorite photos
Hope you enjoy this quick & easy project . . . TaTa till next time!

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Takisha said...

woohoo cheryl!!! this is wonderful, i really miss ya'll in columbus. we don't have a scrapbook shop here in oklahoma. this is great and a cute project as well.
my blog addy is
vist me sometimes!!