Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buttons, Buttons Everywhere!

We've been seeing them more & more on all kinds of projects lately . . .from cards to pages to home decor' items. It seems as tho' they're back in style again!

Buttons . . .a very simple, everyday item, but what a "WOW" they can make when you add them to your scrapbooks, cards, or hand-made goodies.
You can purchase these treasures just about anywhere, but I, for one (and I'm sure there are many of you out there who have one of these critters), collect mine from 1 of my sons.

He's still at the "I must destroy all of my clothes" stage. So, when I come across something on laundry day that is no longer useable, out comes my good ole' scissors and snip, snip, snip . . . . the buttons (along with pockets from his blue jeans and some clothing labels) come off and into my stash

The wavy, button border on this BoBuuny page just screams "Little Boy"

Buttons will always give your Heritage Pages a time-worn feeling . . .
And here's an inspiration if you're wanting to customize your Christmas Tree Ornaments this year . . .this is a GREAT idea for a Teacher's Gift . . . just pick up a styrofoam ball & some stick pins . . .
Here are a few other ideas that we've found along our scrappin' travels to inspire you to save & use those wonderful, little, everyday creations we know as "Buttons".

Here's another card creation ~ compliments of BoBunny:And an obvious use ~ the centers of flowers . . . only these are layered with some rhinestones, as well:Here's 1 more idea to try . . . .
Those of you stampers out there surely must already have some embossing tools. So why not try stamping & heat embossing these little gems for a spectacular accent!
No matter what you come up with, buttons will add just the right little touch to make your latest project stand out with the "OMG" ~ "That's so cute!" factor. So give them a try . . . You'll be glad you did.

Stop back by The Shoppe's Blog soon for another inspiring idea. . . . .

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