Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ink Recipes

I decided to do a little "cleaning out" of my idea folders & came upon these recipes for making your own inks.

We are all using ink pads more & more these days not only for stamping, but also on our scrapbook pages & cards for that dimensional, distressed look.

So now, when your ink pads run dry, don't throw them out! Juice them back up again with these simple, easy recipes that use just a couple ingredients that most of us have on hand!

Here's the "secret ingredient" that we've all heard of:
Yep . . . .Good Ole' Rit Dye . . . the kind our moms used when our blue jeans were too faded or they wanted to change the color of their curtains.

This company even has a color chart available so you can mix custom colors. Check it out at Click on Dyeing Techniques ~ Custom Colors

OK . . .so here is Recipe #1

Stamp Pad Ink Recipe

You will need:
1 baby food jar
1 pkg. Rit Dye Powder
Rubbing Alcohol

Add entire pkg of dye into clean jar & fill with rubbing alcohol. Replace lid tightly & shake until well mixed.

Embossible Ink Recipe
You will need:
1 baby food jar
1 pkg. powdered dye
1/4 tsp. rubbing alcohol
5 Tbs. glycerin

Start by mixing the alcohol with the dye into a nice, creamy consistency. Add the glycerin and mix well.

These recipes make enough ink for several refill of your ink pads. Store in the jars until ready to use. Then simply pour & spread over your old ink pads.

The Stamp Pad recipe is also a good one for tea-staining or colorizing your papers to match your projects like this one: This would look especially great on some extra thick mulberry or hand-made papers!

Give it a try & see what you think . . . just remember to wear some old clothes while you're experimenting!

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thanks for sharing these ideas with us! I will have to give it a try.