Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Cow !


I can not believe how crazy these scrappers are here in Columbus!

We opened up registration for our National Scrapbook Day Crop this morning at exactly 10am.

Before 930, there were already people lining up to be able to reserve their seats for that day.
(Thank goodness it wasn't raining today!)

Now, I thought it was insane-ness last year when all the seats were sold out within 2 hours.
I don't think this year's record can ever be beaten!

All 24 seats were taken within 10 minutes!

YES . . . . 10 MINUTES !!!!!!

More people walked in and the phone would not stop.
So, you ask . . . "what did we do?"

In addition to the cancellation waiting list, we added on another crop for Friday.
That's ok . . . we've had to do that the past 2 years as well.

We have so many croppers wanting to join in on the festivities of that great day of all scrappin' days, and we don't want to disappoint anyone.

I'll be dead-to-the-world by the end of Saturday . . . .but they'll all be happy scrappers!

So, if you're some of the lucky ones to have gotten a seat, get your sombreros ready girls!
We're gonna have some fun!
"Fiesta Ole' " style!

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