Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Time to Color!

OK . . .So we're back.
It's been a very busy few days for me since our last post.

Friday night was our "Hot Potato Crop". We served gigantor-sized spuds at our Baked Potato Bar for 30 hungry ladies. Some Baked Sweet Potatoes, too!
YUM . . .YUM . . .YUM is all I can say!

Then I actually had off 2 days in a row!
Shelley worked the March of Dimes Charity Crop all day on Saturday hosting about 20 ladies who supported that wonderful cause thru their crop fee donations. We even had 2 of our local TV Station reporters come to join us!

I, on the other hand, had date day with my husband & we spent the day in Birmingham at the Mustang Car Show. I actually really enjoyed it.
I soooo want one . . .but an old one . . .'65 baby blue convertible to be exact!

Sunday was Daughter #1's birthday . . .20 years old!
I'm not THAT old, am I?!?

So, enough about that stuff . . .you can always go to my own blog to catch up on that ( in a day or two . . . gotta finish this up first)

We're here today to share some COLOR stuff with you . . .

Sometimes, we get stuck in our scrapbooks. And I don't mean the "How Can I Put This All Together?" kind of stuck . . . more like "How Can I make This Stand Out From My Other Pages?" stuck.

If you've been scrappin' for awhile, you no doubt have developed your own kind of "style" . . .
whether it's in the layout design you tend to drift back to

( for me, it's the strips of patterned paper I use as borders),
the way you use a corner-rounder on all of your photos,
or the same "Ho-Hum" favorite color combos you use over & over again (Pink - Yay!).

If it's the color thing for you . .. here are a few inspirational suggestions to help you bring more life to your albums . . .

Go to the mall & check out what's hot.
Every season is marked by a new color scheme.

Magazine Covers
Covers are designed to catch your eye.
The colors are a big part of the impact.

Paint Chips & Room Idea Cards
The paint sections at home improvement stores
have walls of color ideas! Room idea cards & brochures
are great sources of inspiration for new color combos.

Product Logos
Companies pay big bucks to have logos analyzed
for their impact on people. Take advantage of
their research!

Browse thru your local fabric stores for
unexpected color finds.

Color Websites
There are entire websites like
devoted to cool and trendy color combinations.

Home Decor Magazines
The hottest designers use the hottest colors to
make magic happen in a room. Put those colors
on your pages!

And . ..

The Good Ole' Color Wheel
You might be surprised at the perfect colors
this little gadget will help you put together!
Get him back out from the bottom of
your tool bag!

Now, if you live in the Columbus area, we'd like to invite you to stop by & check out another tool that we have available for our customers to use.

It's a WONDERFUL color tool book from Prism Papers. (We * Love * PRI*SM!) It lets you actually change the "mood" of your photos that you'd like to portray . . . either warm or cool. Just with the colors you choose!

There are SOOOOOOO many choices when it comes to choosing your colors . . . so why not spice it up a bit from your signature style?!

Or - better yet! . . . Print out your photos in black -n- white and then the sky's the limit!

Speaking of black & white . . . stay tuned for our next blog entry!
We'll show you a way to colorize & texturize your pictures in a way you may not have thought of before!

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