Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wow! What an Honor!

We got an email the other day from someone who was a customer here at The Shoppe when we first opened 3 years ago.

She's an Army wife & came in with her little one always in a stroller.
You all know that the military families here are always going just as fast as they came, so we may only see some of these scrappers once or twice before they're sent somewhere else.

Now, I'm usually pretty good with remembering names & faces, but she stuck out cuz I thought her daughter's name was so unique ~ I loved it!
Her name is Harper.

Well, it just so happens that this little girl's mommy is Stephanie Howell.

"Who the heck is that?" I can hear some of you saying to yourselves.

Well, if you're a real, true, addicted scrapbooking blogger
(that means you spend more time traveling to all the blogs & links, & links, & links than you do working, eating, & sleeping) then you'll know that she is just everywhere,
linked to everyone's blogs . . . personal, designers, & manufacturers alike!
She seems to be many, many people's favorite girl!

She designs for a few companies and if you're a Pea Person, then you'll have seen all kinds of her stuff over at 2 Peas in a Bucket.

She emailed us cuz she had seen a post I had made at 2Peas.
She remembered coming in to shop & how friendly we were.
She'll be moving back here with her family to Ft. Benning in the fall.

She said she'd like to come crop with us (she'll be in need of some scrappin' friends here!) and maybe teach some classes here at The Shoppe, too!

I'm so excited that she remembered us, much less to get a message from her! She's even left a comment on my own blog about my Secret Sister gift! (Thank you, Stephanie!) Hope we can live up to her standards!

Anyway, I've added her link to our Great Places list (I was keeping it a secret for
myself until now) so please go & visit her blog.
You can click here for it, as well.

Get to know her now thru her posts & meet her when she gets here!
She's soooo cute! Not to mention the cool stuff she does . . .

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stephanie howell said...

you are too kind. of COURSE i remembered you, you were always so very nice and helpful.
thanks for your sweet words, i've had a horrid day and this made me grin! xo