Monday, June 8, 2009

Got a Ribbon Dilema?

Before I go on to the ever-important ribbon storage dilema, I would like to sincerely apologize to all of the faithful blog readers out there.

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad blogger I have been . . .
There should be no excuse for that . . . not really sure what happened.

Oh . . .I know! I was working!
Yep, since starting this blog thing, I've been seriously neglecting lots of store stuff that I should have been doing.

Stuff like more sample pages, more altered ideas, ordering more good stuff!
So I had to get caught up . . . .so, so sorry bloggers!

Anyway . . . we had some very wonderful comments from you guys on our little adventure we call "the blog" and the winner of our very 1st blog give-away is . . . .

Dum . . .Da Da . . . Dum:

Tracy Jones
She said...
I have only recently found your store and your blog!! I must confess, I spend time at work daily reading your blog instead of working! I have found so many terrific ideas such as the note-taking station made from a double-sided acrylic frame. You ladies have the most impressive ideas and I'm so glad I found you!

So Hip, Hip, Hooray to Tracy!
Email me w/ your addy & I'll send you out a box of scrappin' goodies!

Now . . . . on to the ribbon thing.

We all have been lovin' using ribbon since it's burst onto the scrap scene ~ whether on our pages or on cards. But the big question I get asked all the time at The Shoppe is how to store it.

Does this look familiar to any of you? (don't lie . . . you know it does!)

Tangled in a basket . . .

Or stuffed into a giant baggie . . . .

Well, today we're gonna show you a really cute and practical way to store alot of ribbon in a small space AND neatly. You won't have to search & hunt thru tons of strips for a specific color this way.

And, once again, it won't cost you anything! Nope . . . not one cent!
Now that's MY kind of storage idea!

Here's the secret . . . head on over to your local paint store.
Yes . . .Paint Store

They have tons & tons of paint chip samples and that's what you'll need to grab.
And grab LOTS! All different colors!

Next thing you'll want to do, is get out your circle punch.
You'll want to punch 1/2 circles on either side of each color swatch.

(Thank You to our hand model, April)

After that, just wrap your ribbon around each color co-ordinating block and that's all there is to it!
Super easy to pull out just the color you're looking for without going thru it all.
No more bulky spools or ribbon stew to deal with.
Plus they look really cute this way, too!

After that just put them into a cute basket . . .

Or . . . (this is my favorite way) . . . get an in-expensive pencil box!
It's the perfect size & will hold a ton of ribbon-filled chips this way.

Hope you all find this to be one more idea we've helped you with.
I promise to be a more faithful blogger from now on.

TaTa till next time
and remember . . .
we love to hear what you think, so drop us a comment when you see something you like!


Susan said...

I LOVE this idea!!!! THANKS for sharing it with us!

jayne said...

Awesome idea for ribbon storage!

Susan, PCC Editor said...

What a cute idea! I already store my ribbon wrapped around plain old chipboard. But this idea with the paint chips & the semi-circle cuts is genious!