Wednesday, June 17, 2009

While the GFC (that’s the global finacial crisis!) is still causing doom and gloom all over the world, we, here at The Scrapbook Shoppe, are asking everyone to ‘Keep calm and scrap on’

We know that, thanks to the ease of digital cameras, everyone will continue to keep snapping photos of their favorite people, places, & things.
So why would you stop scrapping them?

Some people say “Oh, it’s so expensive . . . I can't afford that.” But really, is it? . . . think about it.
A sheet of pretty paper costs about 79cents. We could all probably find that in the couch cushions or under the car seat!

You can create some very beautiful pages for $2 or $3 . . . . That’s less than the cost of a fast-food meal or a trip to StarBucks.
Try skipping a trip or two each week to those places (are they REALLY neccessary?) & use that money for your scrapbooks instead. Future generations (not to mention your waistlines!) will thank you!

And by scrapbooking, you will feel a sense of calm-ness during this trying time . . . scrapping is our therapy, our little get-away from our troubles . . . so don’t stop!

Join us for a crop, make some new scrap friends, and save your sanity ~ or if you prefer, come on in by yourself.
The tables are always open during the day! It's a service we, here at The Shoppe, provide for FREE to our customers.
And free is good these days!

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